Outsourcing Solutions

The challenges you face ...

Regulatory and technical developments can often present a major challenge for those involved in the securities and asset management industry, requiring constant and costly investment in IT platforms, processes, internal control systems, risk control and mitigation systems and human capital.

When faced with such challenges, account holders may decide to look for other alternatives rather than retaining securities operations in house. Potential benefits to be derived from outsourcing are economies of scale and, in particular, the level of protection offered by a Bank that specialises in Securities Services.

Our solutions…

BCP Securities Services, which is fully aware of the sheer scale of the task faced by banks and brokers in managing their securities operations, provides its clients with a complete securities services outsourced solution.

We currently manage more than 450,000 securities outsourced accounts. Our clients benefit in two ways: competitive pricing compared to our peers and a high-quality service which complies with local regulations and professional standards for securities custodians.

We give you the choice between a complete outsourced solution to reduce your account maintenance costs by adopting a compartmentalised approach to managing your assets in custody via our multi-institutions platform or, if you prefer, maintaining your information systems on a temporary or permanent basis. This approach gives you real flexibility when it comes to arbitrating between your costs and investments.

Our flexibility and ability to innovate also offer you the possibility of enhancing your own product offering and ensures an optimal time to market.​​


BCP Securities Services

BCP Securities Services is a bank which targets institutional and corporate clients to support them in the management of their multi-asset class and multi-market investment portfolios.​


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