Market services

The challenges you face ...

Market dynamics are continuing to exert pressure on sources of liquidity and finance, resulting in the need for a robust framework to reduce risk in managing collateral.

BCP Securities Services is Market Services offering ranges from market access to maximising the use of your securities and being able to generate a return from them. This offering is available as a complement to the core securities and custody services.

Our solutions…

Our market services include:

  • Access to primary and secondary Treasury bond markets as an authorised broker in Treasury securities and more than 20 years’ experience as a market maker
  • Complementary solutions to your securities business
  • Centralising issues
  • Managing collateral and margin calls
  • Repos and securities lending
  • Support in terms of foreign exchange solutions to meet your investment needs in domestic and overseas securities​​

BCP Securities Services

BCP Securities Services is a bank which targets institutional and corporate clients to support them in the management of their multi-asset class and multi-market investment portfolios.​


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