Local Custody

The challenges you face ...

The domestic capital markets are constantly evolving in every aspect: regulations and operating rules, new asset classes being created, changes in market infrastructure, lower returns from traditional investments, growing risk etc.

There are as many challenges as there are opportunities for investors, asset managers and custodians. To overcome these challenges and seize the opportunities on the domestic market, customers require a partner ‘at home’ with the necessary expertise, resources and flexibility to support them effectively.

Our solutions…

Given the extensive range of local custodial services offered by BCP Securities Services and its backing by a very solid financial institution, you have the guarantee that your transactions will be settled and your assets protected.

Our Local Custody services provide comprehensive coverage:

  • Processing delivery & settlement instructions across multi-asset classes
  • Maintaining positions, inventory accounting and managing securities and cash accounts
  • Local custody
  • Multi-format reporting solutions that meet information, regulatory, steering and analytical requirements
  • Processing corporate actions
  • Transferring and pledging securities
  • Tax treatment of securities
  • Portfolio valuations

Our technology platform ensures a high level of STP, minimises risk and has high availability.

Our complementary solutions

  • Our Asset Servicing Digital Portal enables you to manage your investment portfolio in real-time with advanced reporting and performance analysis features.
  • Our Dealing Room, through its Market Services offering, provides you with Liquidity and Collateral Management solutions as well as preferential access to the primary and secondary Treasury bond markets due to our being an authorised broker in Treasury securities.
  • Foreign exchange services.​​​​

BCP Securities Services

BCP Securities Services is a bank which targets institutional and corporate clients to support them in the management of their multi-asset class and multi-market investment portfolios.​


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