Global custody

The challenges you face…

In what is an increasingly globalised marketplace, cross-border investment opportunities are now widely available, requiring that investors constantly arbitrage between markets. Investors are generally confronted by a whole range of challenges when investing in overseas markets. These include complex delivery & settlement processes, their diversity, their associated risks and, often, the transactional and custodial costs.

Faced with such challenges, investors need a solid domestic partner with direct access to the main global financial markets to help them construct and manage multi-market investment portfolios.

Our solutions…

By partnering renowned global custodians, we are able to help our clients invest in many different financial markets, offering them a global custody service for their assets in a number of countries.

Our global custody offering provides a wide range of services:

  • Domestic custody
  • Managing securities and cash accounts
  • Custody of assets overseas
  • Multi-market delivery & settlement
  • Processing corporate actions and dividend and coupon payments
  • Tax-specific management for each market
  • Proxy voting services for securities held overseas
  • Consolidating the entire multi-market and multi-asset class portfolio
  • Standard and specific reporting

We are able to guarantee investors:

  • Custodial services via a single platform regardless of the client’s geographical location
  • A robust platform with a high level of STP
  • Easy access to our reporting tools

Our complementary solutions

  • Our Asset Servicing Digital Portal enables you to manage your multi-asset class and multi-market investment portfolio in real-time with advanced reporting and performance analysis features.
  • Foreign exchange and liquidity management services.​

BCP Securities Services

BCP Securities Services is a bank which targets institutional and corporate clients to support them in the management of their multi-asset class and multi-market investment portfolios.​


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