Mediafinance is Morocco’s leading multi-asset class and multi-market Securities Services Bank.

Mediafinance possesses high-quality technology infrastructure, know-how acquired over several decades and efficient control and risk control systems. It also benefits from having a banking licence, a custodian licence as well as being an authorised broker in Treasury securities. It is therefore able to provide a full range of services to its clients including settlement and delivery, clearing, global custody, asset servicing, corporate services and market services. Its expertise in all aspect of the securities business makes it the natural partner for custodians (banks and brokers) wishing to outsource their securities operations yet retain the maximum benefits in terms of cost, compliance and security.

Its clientele comprises institutional investors, investment management companies, banks, brokers and large corporates in Morocco and overseas.

Backed by BCP Group, Mediafinance is financially solid and is therefore to fully protect its clients’ assets.

Our attributes

  1. A multi-asset class Securities Services Bank:
    Mediafinance covers all asset classes, enabling the Client to have an overall overview of its investment portfolio, and provides high value-added services, ranging from multi-asset and multi-market custodial services to valuations and performance analysis.
  2. A robust technology platform:
    We are constantly investing in our information systems to be able to guarantee total security as far as our clients’ transactions are concerned, give them reassurance about their assets and deliver added value when it comes to managing their portfolios.
  3. An innovative Bank:
    Innovation is Mediafinance’s lifeblood. It is constantly investing to provide customised solutions and to ensure that its clients benefit from the very latest technological developments and business practices within its industry.

Key figures

At 31 March 2017
More than MAD 220 billion

of assets under custody

More than MAD 40 billion


More than 40

managed funds

More than 450,000

securities accounts managed

Corporate governance and management

Senior management:
Moulay Abdelmalek MOUATADID
Chairman of the Executive Board
Executive Board Member
Financial & Administrative Director
Director of Business Development & Capital Markets
Director of Securities Services Operations
​El Mustapha OUAID
Director of Control & Risk Management
Supervisory Board:
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Chairman of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee
Director of Capital Markets Banking (BCP)
Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee
Director of Small Business Banking (BCP)
Abdeslam BENNANI
Director of Corporate and Investment Banking (BCP)
Member of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee
Director of Resources & Pooled Platforms (BCP)
Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
​Hassan MOURAD
Director of Subsidiaries and Investments (BCP)

Our Compliance Policy

For Mediafinance, compliance is a priority when it comes to good governance. The Bank's Compliance Policy, approved by its Supervisory Board, lays down rules of good governance and ensures that the business development process complies with the prevailing legislation, regulations and standards in order to protect its integrity and reputation.
Consistent with this approach, Mediafinance has adopted the following principles and rules relating to regulatory requirements and best practices:

  • Individual responsibility
  • Thoroughness
  • Cooperation
  • Business lines working closely together
  • Organisational choices

Compliance within Mediafinance is implemented via operational policies such as:

  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Systemised compliance processes
  • Monitoring non-compliance risk on a permanent basis
  • An anti-money laundering and due diligence framework
  • A system for approving products and services
  • Codes of professional conduct and ethics
  • Compliance governance bodies
  • In-house training
  • A system for reviewing and appraising compliance management​

Our certifications

MEDIAFINANCE certified ISO9001 (2015 version)

As part of Banque Centrale Populaire Group, Mediafinance has opted for the implementation of a Quality Management System that complies with international standards, through an ISO9001 (2015 version) certification of its activities.
We are pleased to announce that Mediafinance has been certified ISO9001 (2015 version) by Bureau Veritas in June 2018 for all its activities: Clearing & Settlement, Local & Global Custody, Funds Services, Asset Servicing, Corporate Trust Services, Market Services and Outsourcing Solutions.
By making this choice, Mediafinance is resolutely committed to:

  1. Respect the prerogatives of ISO 9001 standards in terms of processes and management policy;
  2. Provide clients a quality of service with value added meeting their requirements;
  3. Expand an reinforce the reliability, security and timeliness of service delivery;
  4. Make its IT platform more reliable;
  5. Expand the competence of staff through training, communication and sharing of common values;
  6. Develop the brand of Mediafinance to make it known and recognized as an innovative and reference player.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or send a message to our client services department (mediafinance.update@mediafinance.co.ma).

Mediafinance Securities Services Bank certified ISAE 3402 Type 1

After its recent certification ISO 9001 V 2015 , Mediafinance, the Securities Services Bank of Banque Centrale Populaire Group, has been certified "ISAE 3402 Type 1" (International Standard on Insurance Commitments 3402).
This "ISAE 3402 Type 1" certification guaranties Mediafinance clients the best class services in terms of Clearing & Settlement, Local & Global Custody, Fund Services and Asset Servicing, Issuer Services, Market Services and Account Outsourcing Services.


Mediafinance ​is the country’s first ever Securities Services Bank that is entirely dedicated to securities services. It aims to target Moroccan and foreign institutional clients and corporates to help them manage their multi-asset and multi-market investment portfolios.


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    Casablanca – 20060
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