MEDIAFINANCE becomes BCP Securities Services

Casablanca, Le : lundi 07 juin 2021

As part of the strategic redeployment of the "Securities Services" activities within the BCP Group, Mediafinance has changed its name and is now called BCP Securities Services (BCP2S). This new name notably reinforces its backing to the BCP Group and marks its specialization in Securities Services industry.

This change occurred as part of the continuous evolution lead by the BCP Group, in terms of its brand identity, to support its in-depth transformation in Morocco and internationally.

Therefore, BCP Securities Services is introducing a new logo by incorporating the emblem of the circled horse ; marking its membership to the BCP Group and its attachment to its cooperative essence as well as to its fundamental values embodied daily, which represent Proximity, Citizenship, Innovation, and Performance.

BCP Securities Services confirms its status as the first and sole Moroccan Securities Services bank that operates as a "One Stop Shop" for its Institutional and Corporate clients, whether in Morocco or in countries where the Group is present.

BCP Group launches Morocco’s first bank specialising in the Securities Services business

Casablanca, Tuesday 04 April 2017

BCP Group, which has been a major player in since the very origins of Morocco’s financial markets, has bolstered its universal banking business model by launching its MEDIAFINANCE subsidiary, Morocco’s first bank specialising in the securities business.

This initiative aims to contribute to developing Morocco’s capital markets infrastructure as well as reinforcing the attributes and status of Casablanca as a financial centre.

In what is a pioneering venture in Morocco, BCP Group is leveraging the capabilities of its MEDIAFINANCE subsidiary, which has been an active player in capital markets for more than 20 years.

MEDIAFINANCE is the country’s first ever Securities Services Bank that is entirely dedicated to securities services. It aims to target Moroccan and foreign institutional clients and corporates to help them manage their multi-asset and multi-market investment portfolios.

Structured around six business lines, MEDIAFINANCE has developed a comprehensive product range that is inspired by the very highest international standards: domestic and global custody services, delivery and settlement services, fund services, corporate services, market services, outsourced custodial services.


Established in 1994, MEDIAFINANCE is a subsidiary of BCP Group and is a bank. As such, it has a banking licence, a custodian licence as well as being an authorised broker in Treasury securities.

Its target clientele comprises institutional investors including banks, finance companies, insurance companies, provident societies, retirement funds, pension and social security funds, asset management companies, investment funds, brokers, global custodians and other custodians.​​​


BCP Securities Services

BCP Securities Services is a bank which targets institutional and corporate clients to support them in the management of their multi-asset class and multi-market investment portfolios.​


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